Porto Alegre

Parque Moinhos de Vento (Parcão) Beautiful green area with infrastructure for leisure and outdoor activities for children and adults. Surrounded by shops and great local cuisine.

Hall of Fame

Moinhos de Vento is the neighboring neighborhood of BELA VISTA. It has an elegant, refined and traditional atmosphere, intensified by the old mansions and the famous Padre Chagas Street or gaucho "Calçada da Fama" with trendy bars, cafes and restaurants.

Gasometer on Lake Guaiba

With unparalleled Sunset in the waters of Guaíba. Pleasant area for hiking or cycling bike enjoying the rich biodiversity.

Public market

Inaugurated in 1869, the Porto Alegre Public Market is part of the city's Historical and Cultural Heritage, and is one of the main commercial centers of the capital, housing 110 establishments with various activities: restaurants (macrobiotic cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, with buffet), lancherias, cafeteria pastry shop, bakeries, fruit shops, butchers, fishmongers, pet shops, barber shop, among others.

Iberê Camargo Museum

Tribute to the Painter Gaucho Iberê Camargo. It is located on a cliff of Porto Alegre from where it is contemplated on the shores of Lake Guaíba. It consists of a rectangular platform reminiscent of a "spool of Lines", the artist's greatest inspiration for memories of his childhood. Verticalizes an irregular volume of white concrete, color obtained by mixing concrete with white stones from the neighboring river. Part of the circulations are ramps like arms that separate from the main body, marking the facade of the building. The exhibition halls, ateliers, library and auditorium are part of the program that surround the central atrium.

Historical Center and House of Culture Mario Quintana

One of the most beautiful buildings of the Historic Center is the building of the Hotel Majestic, today Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana. The thirties and forties were the most successful of the Majestic, a period in which he stayed there from important politicians like Getúlio Vargas to famous artists such as Virginia Lane and Francisco Alves. The guest who marked the premises as his permanent residence was the bohemian and poet Mário Quintana (1968 to 1980). Today the culture is experienced in its beautiful spaces by cinema, music, visual arts, dance.

Catamaran tour through Guaiba

A must-see tour of the landscapes that surround the waterway of Lake Guaiba, Cais do Porto, South Zone of the capital, Pintada Island and White Rocks Island. The capacity of the vessel is 120 seated passengers and the crossing lasts approximately 20 minutes, leaving the Warehouse B3 of the Port Wharf.

Botanical Garden

With an area of ??39 hectares is considered one of the five largest in Brazil in view of the diversity of its collection and its good organization. The Botanical Garden of Porto Alegre is very frequented by tourists and locals, which together total about 60 thousand people per year. The Botanical Garden of Porto Alegre is aligned with the international criteria that govern botanical gardens around the world, which are based on the directions established by Botanic Gardens Conservation International and Conservation Strategies for Botanical Gardens (published in 1989). In the specific case of the porto-alegrense garden, its stated mission is "to carry out integrated conservation of native flora and regional ecosystems, consolidating itself as a reference center in education, research, culture and leisure.